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Essence By IsaGenix Essential Oils

In the age of modern wellness, finding the right approach to feeling your best is often clouded with differing opinions and unclear information. As leaders in health and wellness, we know a thing or two about leading the way to holistic well-being. We understand that when it comes to essential oils, you might not know where to begin.

Essence by Isagenix does the heavy lifting for you. We’ve cut through the complex science to show you how these no-compromise products can fit in to the Isagenix Systems you already love. We’ve harnessed the power of nature to bring you a high-quality collection of essential oils and blends that you can feel confident using – all while you target your desired results.

Essence by Isagenix Blends take the guesswork and complexity out of essential oils. Our world-renowned experts have carefully crafted each unique blend with your health and wellness in mind.

Isagenix Essence Essential Oil Collections

Experience Collection

This Package Has Everything You Need - Click Here!

Essence Essential Oils Experience Collection
Complete Collection

Enjoy all the benefits of every oil with the Essence Complete Collection. - Click Here!

Essence Essential Oils Complete Collection
Singles Collection

100 percent pure and responsibly sourced essential oils. The very best nature has to offer. -

Click Here!

Essence Essential Oils Singles Collection
Blends Collection

Essence Blends Collection takes the guesswork and complexity out of essential oils. - Click Here

Essence Essential Oils Blends Collection

Online Ordering for Isagenix Essence Essential Oil Products

Special Discount: When you Order 6 or more of One Product Receive a 10% discount on those items (Does not apply to Product B as 4 or more bottles are already discounted) (Discount won't be reflected in Shopping Cart but will show up on your finals charges and shipping invoice) -Click here for specific details!

Essence Essential Oil Collections Retail Price Preferred Price Buy Now
Essence Experience Pak - Comes with the Essence Complete Collection of 10 Essential Oils a Cool Mist Diffuser and 4oz Coconut Application Oil $373.52 $265
Essence Complete Collection - Collection of 6 singles and 4 Essential Oil Blends (These are all 15ml large bottles) $301.34 $214
Essence Singles Collection- Collection of 6 singles (These are all 15ml large bottles) $187.92 $134
Essence Blends Collection - Collection of 4 blends (These are all 15ml large bottles) $128.28 $92
Essence Essential Oil Blends Retail Price Preferred
Buy Now
DefenseShield - IMMUNE HEALTH* REFRESHING AND UPLIFTING (15ml large bottle) $38.65 $28.99
TumBliss -Calming and Digestive Health (15ml large bottle) $37.32 $27.99
AirWay - Revitalize and Stimulate- (15ml large bottle) $23.99 $17.99
Content - Hanger Management and Weight Wellness $29.32 $21.99
Essence Essential Oil Singles Retail Price Preferred
Buy Now
Frankincense - Skin Health, Decompress, Physical Well-Being - (15ml large bottle) $83.99 $62.99
Peppermint - Digestive Health, Refreshing and Uplifting, Post-Workout Cooling (15ml large bottle) $23.99 $17.99
Lavender -Calming, Relaxing, Stress Relief, Bedtime Routine, Sleep Support (15ml large bottle) $26.65 $19.99
Eucalyptus - Revitalize and Stimulate (15ml large bottle) $17.32 $12.99
Tea Tree - Skin, Scalp and Overall Health (15ml large bottle) $22.65 $16.99
Lemon - Refreshing and Uplifting, Immune Health (15ml large bottle) $13.32 $9.99
Essence Essential Oil Accessories
Retail Price Preferred
Buy Now
Isagenix Coconut Application Oil - 4oz
$15.99 $11.99
Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser - 3 Timer Settings, 8 Light Colors, Gorgeous faux wood grain exterior $59.99 $44.99

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