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IsaDermix Skincare Anti-Aging Products

IsaDermix ® Skincare -The Next Step in Nutritional Cleansing

Nourishing beautiful skin

You can’t turn back time, but you can rediscover your skin’s youthful appearance.

IsaDermix® skincare cleanses and replenishes your skin the way Nutritional Cleansing replenishes your body. Now you can radiate healthy, beautiful energy both inside and out.

IsaDermix combines the most effective natural ingredients with advanced technologies. The result is a line of specialized skincare products that enhance each other, bringing skin to its optimum level of health and radiance - and maintaining it for life.

Each IsaDermix skincare product is formulated to help your skin achieve its optimum health.

Essential Youth Serum Before After Pictures Essential Youth Serum Before After Pictures
Essential Youth Serum Before After Pictures Essential Youth Serum Before After Pictures
The above photos show dramatic improvement in the appearance of the nasal labial folds after only 4 weeks of treatment using Essential Youth Serum.
The above photos in the study show improvement of the expression wrinkles or “crow’s feet” that develop on the outer corners of the eyes after 8 weeks of treatment using Essential Youth Serum.

Essential Youth Serum 21-day consumer study

A study was conducted with over 100 consumers over a period of 21-days. Twice daily the participants first washed their face with IsaDermix® Gentle Cleansing Gel and then applied Essential Youth Serum. This procedure was performed in the morning and repeated in the evening. Skin was assessed through individual responses to a comprehensive questionnaire. Essential Youth Serum improved the overall appearance of skin in several areas, and the results were amazing.

In a 90-day clinical study, our anti-aging serum dramatically improved the overall appearance of skin. Eighteen women, ages 36-55 used the Essential Youth Serum™ formula twice daily. A mild facial cleanser was supplied to all participants to eliminate variability in daily regimens. The Essential Youth Serum formula was applied to the face after cleansing with the facial cleanser. Baseline pictures and skin evaluations were taken at the start of the study. Participants returned for evaluations and pictures at 30, 60 and 90 days post-baseline measurement. Skin was assessed by individual responses to a comprehensive questionnaire. You can see before after pictures from this study above.

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What the Experts Say

Marilyn Territo, C.E., C.M.

“IsaGenix brings to the market a serum that is in a class of its own! The Essential Youth Serum is incomparable to other serums currently on the market. It rapidly transforms the skin and dramatically diminishes visible signs of aging.”

Ms. Territo is an award-winning businesswoman, Wellness Lifestyle Coach, and Clinical-Paramedical Esthetician. She is a Certified Myotonologist (facial muscle rehabilitation specialist), Craniosacral Therapist, Aroma-Therapeutics Practitioner, and Certified S.C.E.N.A.R. Aesthetics Medicine Practitioner. She has worked with Herald Pharmacal Inc., Allergan, Inc., Skincare Division and Murad Skin Research, Inc.

Patrick Bitter Jr., M.D.

“I have come across countless anti-aging skin care products and
nothing even comes close to Essential Youth Serum. Isagenix has truly redefined skin care for the 21st Century with this revolutionary serum.”

Dr. Bitter, Jr. M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in non-surgical anti-aging treatments to improve skin health. He graduated with honors
from the University of California and received his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Bitter is regarded as a pioneer in the use of pulsed light energy and is the developer of the internationally-acclaimed FotoFacial procedure. He has been featured as a celebrity dermatologist on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and consults regularly for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

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