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Featured Isabody Challenge Success Story: Eric F.
Isabody Challenge Weight Loss Success Story Eric before
Isabody Challenge Weight Loss Success Story Eric after
Name: Eric F.
Location: Lakewood, Washington
Age: 20
Height: 5’8”
Was: 185 pounds
Lost: 30 pounds*
and 8 percent* body fat
As Of: June 2010
Isabody Challenge

Former “Fat Kid” Realizes Athletic Dreams

In high school, Eric's greatest desire was to play for the school’s basketball team. Although his heart and mind were committed, Eric’s 220-pound body held him back and the sports fanatic was relegated to the bench as the stat manager. Heartbroken, the 20-year-old went on a dangerous crash diet that quickly took 60 pounds off his 5’8” frame.

Ironically, the diet left him too weak and sick to play sports and the weight eventually came back. He was almost back up to 200 pounds when his life would finally head towards his athletic dreams. Eric’s best friend, Keller, and his parents, Shelley and Bill, had all transformed their bodies with Isagenix and came out winners in the 2008 and 2009 IsaBody Challenge® contests. They convinced the 20-year old to give IsaGenix a try.

“I went to Celebration in 2008 and they had me try an IsaLean® Shake,” recalls Eric of Washington. “I didn’t like it very much at first, but the next morning they asked if I wanted one again and from there I was really hooked.”

After initially losing 30 pounds, Eric slowly let life get in the way as he moved, started college and began working full time Within a year the weight had come back and it was then that Shelley convinced Eric to enter the 2010 IsaBody Challenge® as motivation to get into shape for good.

Once the budget-conscious college student discovered Isagenix was actually saving him money on groceries, he was all in. Living the Isagenix lifestyle became a team effort as Keller moved in and helped Eric make lifestyle changes that would keep him on track for the Challenge.

The 3rd-place winner in the Men 18-35 Category diligently followed his Isagenix routine and took an excited interest in cooking healthy meals. Exercise included intramural sports at school - whiffle ball, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, anything and everything he could join - and what Eric dubbed “hidden exercise.”

“I always looked for excuses to exercise. Anytime I could go without a car, I did,” says Eric, who rode his bike to work and ran to school each day. “I even bought a recumbent bike to ride while doing homework.”

Today that “fat kid” is finally the athlete he’s always dreamed of being. Since high school, Eric’s gone from running an 8-minute, 30-second mile to finishing a 5K in 18 minutes. He’s also jumped from the bench to almost touching the rim and is working on his dunking technique.

“I’m loving it,” says Eric about his hard-earned athletic prowess. “It’s a whole new kind of respect when you come into a gym and you’re someone people want on their team. I’ve never had that experience before.”

After releasing a total of 30 pounds on Isagenix, Eric has sculpted his physique down to 155 pounds and 8 percent body fat. With the transformation, Eric is even more dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle. He recently completed a program to become a personal trainer and plans to pursue exercise science and become a sports doctor.

“People can see my success and I can show them what it takes to get it done,” shares Eric. “If I can share the world of Isagenix as well as a healthy lifestyle, that’s fantastic.”

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of seven pounds during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

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Holly’s Tips For Weight-Loss

Eric’s Tips For Weight-Loss Success

If you really want results you can’t just have exercise or diet, it has to be both.

I never stepped on a scale until I was done with the Challenge. Looking in the mirror is a million times better than the scale because you see what you’ve done and not what the scale tells you. That’s a big motivator.

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